Caked Doodles

Original art inspired by and having fun with Doodles, Exclusively focused on passive income for holders. 

A group of fabulously colorful friends were having a sensational celebration for one of their birthdays, nevertheless as it often does with this assemblage quickly descended into an all out flurry of food fighting. This project is the outcome of that sensational day.

caked doodles Mint

WL Pre Mint Begins

March 8 2022 19:00:00 EST

Public mint 2hrs later

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Total Mints


Price per Mint

Whitelist - 0.8 Sol
Main Mint - 1 SOL

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Simple, Fun & Super Delicious for Our Community

Phase 1 - Pre Mint  ✅


Generating 1,111 unique Caked Doodles on Solana Blockchain

Phase 2 - Pre Mint  ✅

Partnership with Nova launch

Secondary market - Solsea & Nova Launch

The rarity system is provided by Nova Launch.

Phase 3 - Post Mint

5 x Holders Get Year's Supply of Krispy Kreme

10 x 1 of 1’s Raffled & Air dropped

50% of Royalties Raffled Each Week to holders

10 x Winners Per Week


Phase 4 - Post Mint

New Project - Caked Doodles 3D

All holders get FREE 3D Caked Doodles NFT when launched.

50% of Royalties Raffled Each Week to holders

Phase 5 - Post Mint

Launchpad for Quality Projects

Secure WL Spots for Holders

Secret Platform Project TBA

Our Team


Ecommerce guru, bringing specialized marketing & community building skills into the metaverse.


15 years experience in managing / launching online businesses & assets across multiple platforms.


Life long artist, cartoonist & doodler, a star shining brightly to his full potential within the NFT space.

Nova Launch

Most trusted partner in high volume, best-in-class NFT live minting & community building on Solana.

Our Partners

We've partnered with Nova Launch on this project, the Premier Launchpad & Comprehensive Platform for Solana NFT projects - the most trusted partner in high volume, best-in-class NFT live minting & community building on the Solana network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a hold of a Caked Doodles NFT?

Connect your wallet & mint one here on this website 8th March 2022

What is the mint-price?

The mint price is 0.8 SOL for whitelist presale & 1 SOL for public mint

Can I trade Caked Doodles?

Yes, after the mint the Caked Doodles NFT’s will be tradable on Solsea & Nova Launch

What are the number of Caked Doodles available?

There are a total of 1111 unique Caked Doodles. They come in different rarities. If you’re lucky you could get your hands on super rare 1 of 1’s!

How Many Can I Mint?

Max of 20 Caked Doodles per wallet

Which wallets will I be able to use to mint an NFT?

Phantom is the recommended wallet